What to do with a diamond art painting kit?

What to do with a diamond art painting kit?

Are you looking for a new hobby? Bored with different kinds of painting forms, you can try diamond art painting. Diamond art painting is the art form where you have to fill the canvas which is already printed with small diamonds. This helps in stress relief, relaxation and overall mental health. This is a very easy task and you need not have any previous experience in painting. If you are looking forward to trying diamond art painting do visit Diamond Art.

What are the different types of techniques to place diamonds?

The checkerboard technique

 In this technique, you must imagine a traditional checkerboard which contains alternate black and white squares. Choose the area to be filled with the same colour and apply the diamonds either to all the black squares or white squares. Then fill the remaining squares.

Row by row method

In this method first, you must choose a large block to be filled with the same colour.  By using the wider head of the diamond pen you can apply three to five diamonds at the same time.  In this method, you must fill the large block a row after the other.

Colour by colour method

In this method, you have to fill the canvas by placing the diamonds of the same colour at a time.  In this method, it is easy to fill the bottom of the canvas easily but there might be difficulty in placing the diamonds at the top of the canvas.

Diamond Art

Farm plot method

 In this method, you have to divide the large blocks which are to be filled with the same colour into a small area. You can finish the large blocks easily by filling the small area.  In this, you can divide the area into a small rectangle where you can place three to five diamonds by using the wide end of the diamond pen.

By using the above method you can complete the diamond art painting. You can order the diamond painting kit online. You will get pre-printed canvas, diamond pen, wax, and diamonds in different colours. You have to follow the instructions given in the kit to complete the painting. You have to fill the canvas with different colours mentioned on the canvas. Before ordering choose the kit based on your preferences. The Canvas are available in many forms like motivational quotes, scenarios, and landscapes. After finishing the art you can make a frame of it and hang it on the wall.