As an IBM i user, you want to make sure that your system is able to work at its best. If you find out that you need an upgrade, do not hesitate to do it. As long as you are working with the right IBM i cloud hosting provider, you know that you are in good hands. These days, Source Data Products is one of the most trusted iSeries hosting providers.

They can upgrade your IBM POWER i to the higher version, either V7.2 or V7.3. This is about twice or thrice the System Save Time. If you want to know how you can the IBM i, OS400, and i5/OS works here, then you have come to the right place. So here’s how the IBM i/i5/OS or AS400 operating system upgrade works with Source Data Products.

Send a Complete Backup
Before the upgrade, you have to ensure that you send a complete Option 21 Save tape. Then the provider will restore your server back up onto one of their servers. It does not matter what format it comes with because they have tape drives that can read most of any format.

iSeries hosting

Restoration and Testing
This step will follow. And during the restoration process, they will also be testing your backup process for free. You might be one of those who have never tested your systems backups. With Source Data Products, this is done as part of the restoration process and you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Migration Starts
Once the restoration and testing of the backup systems are complete, the migration process will start. This will move your environment to the upgraded version – V7.2 or V7.3. The upgrade does not take days to complete. In fact, it is fast and convenient as usually, they prefer to do this overnight or over the weekend.

You Test Your Upgraded Server
And when the version upgrade is done, you will have to dial into their server through VPN so you can start testing on your new environment. The testing is unlimited. But usually, clients complete their testing by 2 to 4 weeks. And once you are happy with the results, the onsite setup will be scheduled. The migration onsite will usually take only four hours to complete.

So what are you waiting for? If you know that you need to upgrade your systems to a higher version, visit the Source Data Products website. Here, you can check out what they offer to their clients, read reviews and ratings, and also schedule an appointment for your migration.

Vivo Y11 are having 13 MP on the main camera which will allow taking photos and videos in very high resolution. In some situations you would be a little dissatisfied when you want to capture scenery in HD or want to print beautiful photos then this should not be the issue when you are using Vivo Y11.

Vivo Y1 is coming with an 8MP front camera which is also a standard level. It is perfect for taking selfies. For a large group of people, it should not be perfect. So for singular selfies, it would be an awesome smartphone.

Battery Performance

The battery capacity of Vivo Y11 is 5000 mAh. When you are comparing the Vivo Y11 battery with another smartphone in the same range in the market then the battery capacity of the Vivo Y11 is very good. This will satisfy all of your needs and you don’t have to worry about battery capacity when you are continuously playing games or watching videos. Now in this digital world, this smartphone would be a boon for people who are continuously online via different social media platforms.

In starting you will feel slightly inconvenient and heavy but when you start using this then you would be happy with your decision of buying this smartphone. Vivo Y11 is a very high-performance smartphone. So if you are planning to use this smartphone then don’t hesitate to purchase this and just go for it.

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Bitcoin mixing has become extremelywidely held since the time when the first sign of coin traceability that has been presented. And if you are looking for cheap and cost effective way that has helped crypto holders began to look for the ways that will help them to maintain confidentiality.

How Bitcoin Is Mixed

You may come across word like mixer, scrambler, or tumbler, these are website in which bitcoin disconnect the sender and recipient of the transaction. The process is about mixing the bitcoin in a general pool with the coin of other users as well.The process is simple and cost effective as well and it take some time to complete as well and sometimes it take up to several days until clean coins are delivered to web address provided.If you are still confused about the entire process as jump on this link and you will get to know about each and everything about tumbler

If you are looking forward to find the best services then it is important to do the research as this would certainly help you to know about the process in the best way possible. It is important to know and to help you here are few things that you must adhere to when it comes to finding bitcoin tumbler services.

Bitcoin Tumbler!

Find Genuine Website For Bitcoin Mixing

Do the research as this key when it comes to finding the website as this would certainly help you to know about the website and how genuine they are when it comes to maintaining the transparency.

  • It is vital to know about all the aspect as this would certainly give you better idea make sure that it does not require any personal services as this would  certainly help you to choose the right services.
  • One can also use the time delay services as per your need and requirement and one can easily choose the variants as this would certainly help you to have better understanding and you can easily get things done in the best way possible.

Now that you are well aware of the tumblers it is vital to know about the sources as this would certainly help you to find the best .

A series of Samsung galaxy phones is a line of the middle range of the smartphones assembled by Samsung electronics. There are many more models of Samsung phones that are currently available in Singapore. Samsung is announced and will start selling him A series of smartphones is about 20 million Galaxy A series of smartphones and will start selling samsung a series singapore.

Features in Samsung A series

There are much more interesting features in Samsung A series of phones which is much more interesting, that’s why people going to purchase like:

  • The Samsung A series of phones havea super steady recording.
  • The Samsung A series of phones have revel or lively and noisy enjoyment, especially with drinking and dancing in pure riveting viewing know-how with the next or newly generation u-display.
  • The Samsung a series of phones has ready for action that’s mean ready to capture all activities in his camera without missing. It is really the best camera phone.
  • These phones come with a very good battery life.
  • These phones come with marshmallow version or many system updates.

With the launch of samsung a series singapore. Samsung A series of phones are one this, like Samsung A10s, Samsung A90, Samsung A40, Samsung A90, and many others.

They all are selling in Singapore also. The Samsung Galaxy A series is the first in the Samsung series smartphones. The first generation of the Samsungs A series is Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5 and this is launched in  December 2014 and get selling in march 2015.

You make every 100% effort to maintain a stable business. The main focus is to maintain the business properly so that the schedule is executed in an inclined manner. But, despite their greater care and concern for their business, a business can be destroyed even without their knowledge.

cyber security solutions singapore

 As the world develops more and more,

The development of technology requires that all companies wear a digital suit that can help them reach the level of knowledge and stay strong in the race to the top. Today, no business relies solely on brochures, flyers or advertising posters so people know your business. Due to the increasing reliability of each person’s Internet, business owners have been almost forced to maintain the online identification of their business, which is called a website. With the website, a very important part of the part of IT appears that must be properly managed to take advantage of business opportunities. Some business owners make the same mistake over and over again, without giving the right value to the right IT department. They often attach importance, but it is not as it should.


If you go and ask the business owner about information and cyber security solutions singapore, most of them will not be able to give you the correct explanation about it. This can affect your business more than you can imagine. If you have an IT department (and you should have one), then there should be enough computers and digital systems connected to the Internet. Whenever computers, programs, networks and data encounter an attack, damage or any unauthorized interference, cyber security occurs spontaneously and resolves them.

Web design is as important as making a website. It’s even safe to say that its what most customers care about. Why? Because most customers don’t understand codes but they know a good website when they see one. This is what really connects with the customers. With how the digital age is in full bloom, consumers already have developed standards as to how they are treated online.

It’s even safe to say that web design is as important as the products themselves. Since in today’s standards everything should be balanced. If you have a good product, you should have a website that is friendly and looks good as well. If you don’t have one, that might actually be a reason why you will lose customers. Keep in mind that most products nowadays are saturated online so you need to always be in your edge. But what makes a good website anyway?

It should be related to your product: If you make a website, it should be related to your product. If you have a horroar page, the page should be scary or creepy. If you’re selling weed, your website has to look the part. The point is that if your site isn’t related to your product, chances are people will notice. Keep in mind that sharing your products and services isn’t just about that, its all about the experience and your website is part of that.

It should be user-friendly: What’s the point of having a good looking website if people are often lost? It should be user-friendly because people will notice that too. People nowadays want to avail or purchase certain products fast. Once they like it, they want to order it right away. If they have a problem ordering, they will let you know right away as well. The point is, people will let you have it if they will experience any problems.

Web Design Newcastle

It should be optimized for mobile use: Not all websites are optimized for mobile use. But it should be so you should never forget that. Why is it very important? Because everyone has a mobile device these days. It’s very convenient and most people do their business in their mobile devices and you would want people to access your site anytime and anywhere, and getting it optimized is what needs to be done.

Web design is as important as making a website and any elements of a business. Why? Because web design is what connects people to your products. Your customers might not know the language of computers but they know the language of the eye. They can tell whether or not the site looks good or bad. Given that people are more critical now, its a must that one must have a good website. It’s Part of the things that people look for nowadays and if you want to work with the best web design Newcastle, visit the link.

Today the entire world is ruled by the intern space. It is hard to find someone who do not have access to the online space. So people would live to get anythingstarting from information to their apparels from the online world. Thus the online space has become a junction where youcan find a lot of traffic. In this situation it is important to learn importance of user generated content within the digital world. Because the entire online world is a market for advertisements and every business loves to get its place in the online.

What is UGC?

User generated content (UGC) is a content that is produced by the common people without expecting nothing in return. That is, the UGC has no business motive in its creation and so it is considered t be reliable by the people. It has agreat power to attract people because it is trustworthy and honest in mots of the cases. Today manymarketing firms are working towards the UGC and this could explain the importance of user generated content today. In addition it is an easy way to build customer relationship by using your previouslyexistingcustomers. So the users of a particular product coms together with the help of this UGC and in turn this acts as a great advertisement technique too.user generated content

UGC means not only written text but it can be a photo or video uploaded by the user. Think about a user uploading the positive review of smartphone and this will be helpful to the future buyers. It can act as a guide and at the same time it may turn into an indirect advertisement for that particular smartphone.

How it is significant?

  • The recent studies have confirmed that UGC has a great advantage in increasing the traffic. A website with UGC attracts more traffic than a website that do not have a user content.
  • People are increasingly aware of the marketing tricks of the advertisements. So they no longer believe in the marketers. But UGC could act as a social acceptance for a particular product. So it crates a form of desire within the buyers.
  • UGC has a customer oriented view because it is created by an already existing user. So it is pin point and has direct effects in clearing the doubts of the people who want to buy a product.
  • UGC is honest and the credibility of the information is doubtful.

As there are many types of proxy servers, each has more over similar functionalities. The multiple functions of proxy servers are briefly explained below.

  • It acts as an interface between both home network and public network

Public website access is possible through proxy and the system is often used with institutions. The student can access the network with the use of proxy provided in addition to protection of unwanted network access.

  • It controls network bandwidth

Webmaster has the option to use proxy that can control network traffic. Users and other certain groups are allocated with certain resources that can control task by monitoring server availability.

  • Protection against network attacks

Proxy is placed between the server and users which work within the sensitive customer data like online store and other kind of solution to protect their servers.

proxy servers

  • Network logging

Network logging is used with network activity that is harmful and can be identified more quickly along the way.

  • Anonymity of traffic

Most of the internet user uses anonymity of their address to surf. They have restricted facts to use within a website and it can be evaded through webmaster access along most of the websites to determine actual sender choice from IP.

  • Intermediate storage to reduce the server load

Since the request is handled by this intermediate server there are many server requests that are handled with reduces server load at the end.

  • Blocks content

While using public networks, Hide me proxy is the suitable choice that can block most of the content within the limit of most security assured.

CroxyProxy is one of the most comfortable and reliable web proxies that was designed with an important purpose of guarding your privacy.  Video sites are among the beneficiary of proxybay services like hideme since they can support full video streaming. Online free proxy has actually substitute VPN since you don’t have to configure or download anything because it plays the role of a proxy browser.


Benefits of CroxyProxy compared to VPN and other Proxies

CroxyProxy is the exceptional technology that enables access of current sites as well as web applications. It also operates ideally like YouTube proxy and other video sites proxy. A traffic of a web proxy is regular HTTPS traffic that can never be detected by the fingerprint. Also with proxy, you can open a single webpage without passing your entire traffic.

Since it plays a role of the proxy browser, no configuration is required, and also the basic version of an online proxy is absolutely free. Additionally, the features of the web proxy are absolutely free. It also allows you to hide the actual IP address so that you can surf secretly without worries. You can as well encrypt all SSL websites.

How Free Proxy Operates

Free Proxy acts like a virtual pipe that your traffic flows through to a destination server which is a website. And it is the reason why a destination server can never detect your actual IP address. At the same time, an internet service provider can see free proxy service connection, but not a destination site.

 Protects the entire encrypted traffic to an open proxy, so that the IPS can never be decrypted and monitored. Regardless of whether the destination site support is a secured link or not, you rest assured that your site traffic to a CroxyProxy is highly protected always.

Permanent YouTube Support

A web proxy can permanently support YouTube by an allowing to proxy the YouTube videos, authorize, check comments, comments writings and much more. Installing additional software is not required, and also it cannot change the feel and look of YouTube. Despite your current location, you can still access millions of music and videos while your device is perfectly protected.

Choosing the ideal free proxy

Before a free proxy service was established, they gathered a wide range of proxy list. They tested, proxy free, proxybay,tubeunblock, hiload, hide-me proxy, etc. By doing this, they discovered that the majority of proxy websites are currently uncomfortable to use since they cannot support audio and video streaming. Also, they find out that they are they break some web application. That why decided to develop a better proxy will all type of resources.

Either you may need o a business or a personal website, it is very imperative to create them in an effective manner. There are a large number of people who are making this in the market. But still, it is highly necessary to make use of the one who could make a complete solution to your needs and requirements.

In the midst of a huge number of resources which are available in this market to develop web site, this prismix is the one of the best website laten maken antwerpen, which could make one to get a ideal chances to get a complete solution in a perfect manner. There are a large number of advanced benefits can be attained from here in a tremendous way.


This is highly effective and one could be able to get enormous solutions to their needs in an affordable pricing. Comparably, this is the best type of the site; one could be able to get a complete solution to the people in an effective way. This is because, here are the extensive features, effective professionals, up to date technology with updated sources that makes you to enjoy the creative and innovative site for your needs in a unique and contemporary manner.

When there is a need to get instant and effective support by creating and managing the sites for your business, then this is highly a best one that could make one to develop the right site that can compete with the others in an effective manner.

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There are several reasons which make us to feel better and strengthen than the others. Here it is highly ideal to get created a web site in any of the technology and even many latest technology supported sites are introduced here. Even you can manage them in an advanced manner and one could be able to get a complete change in a very short period of time. You can get created the web site in an easy and also with in a very short deadline.

It is possible only from here to website laten maken antwerpen in an advanced manner and there is no excess charges are attained from you at any time. So, just make use of this Prismix, to get more advantages, either it may be your personal or business websites, they can be created in a unique manner in an advanced way.