What You Should Know About Tape Hair Extensions

What You Should Know About Tape Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been around for centuries, with the earliest example found in ancient Egypt. They were originally made from human hair before the introduction of synthetic materials. The use of artificial or synthetic materials became more common due to their ease of use and reduction in cost. There are still some artists who employ natural hair, however, when possible because they believe that this type is more durable and can withstand heat better than other types.

What Are Tape Hair Extensions?

hair extensions in fort lauderdale are applied to the head using adhesive tape by many of the major hair extension manufacturers. The tape is placed onto the hair in small lengths and then bonded together with a heat source. Due to the adhesive nature of tape, these extensions can be applied over very short periods of time. After bonding is complete, these extensions are removed and replaced with new ones, or re-used for additional applications.

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How Are Tape Extensions Bonded to the Hair?

The process begins with washing and conditioning the hair from the scalp to remove any residual product and dirt from previous applications. Next, they may be shampooed or conditioned with water to remove any leftover residue before application. Once the hair is dry, the extensions are applied to clean, dry hair using a bonding adhesive. The bonding can be done with either a “cold” or “hot” method. With the cold method, the tape is put in place and then heat is applied with a blow dryer or flat iron to finish the process. It only takes three to four minutes to complete this process. The hot method involves applying a bonding solution that melts into the existing bonds after being applied to the head and allowed to cool for five minutes or so. After it has cooled, the tape is removed and reapplied by using an applicator or by hand.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Tape Extensions?

While there are several disadvantages to tape extensions, the most obvious and fundamental reason for this is their ease of use and convenience. Tape extensions are very easily applied and removed without damaging the hair or scalp as compared to other methods that require a much more strenuous and time-consuming application. Most importantly, they can be reapplied over time without losing their effectiveness. Tape extensions also have many other advantages over other forms of hair extension systems such as tape in extensions (also known as rollers or rollers), micro wefts, or molded hair.