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How to choose the right stock for trading?

We all know that there are thousands of different stocks listed on the stock exchange. And it is very difficult to choose few stocks for intraday trading. You will get hundreds of screeners on the internet, you can use them to find the right stock for yourself. You can also visit our site and try the stocks gex, you can use this in your trading strategy.

Apart from the stocks gex you will get a lot of information on our site which will help you in trade better. These are few points that will show you how you can choose the right stock for intraday:

  • Liquidity 

Whenever you choose any stock make sure that the stock will be liquid. The liquid stocks mean that they should have high volumes. So that your trades will be executed on time and you can make a good profit.

  • Entry and exit 

Make sure that your strategy will be valid with the stock. So that you can enter and exit at the right time. If you miss the right entry in any stock then you must have to skip that trade otherwise late entry can be the reason for the loss.

  • Trend 

If you want to trade any stock then you must have to check the trend of the stock first. If you will get the entry with the trend of a higher time frame then your chances of getting the target will be very high.

  • Be patient 

While you are in a trend then you must have to use Fibonacci for the pullback. Because if you are afraid of the pullback then you can miss a high target.

All these points are very important for every trader. If you follow these points in intraday trade then you can make a huge amount of money. You can also create your own rules for trading with the experience and practice.