Chambrelan linear rails in only a few points

A rail and runner system.

Chambrelan linear slide rails encompass a recirculating bearing carrier that slides among a hard and fast length of linear bearing rail. One or a lot of carriers could also be used among every length of rail. Carriers are custom-made to the rail, general producing tolerances are around 1/10th of millimetre.

About the heavy-duty linear rails.

Chambrelan offers you a good vary of straightforward linear movement solutions. With the load capacities up to 1300 lbs (600 kg) / carrier. It is easy to integrate, straightforward to put in. The maximum lengths for one piece of rail is three meters.

However, you need longer runs the rail is provided prepared ready for finish to finish affiliation. The conventional methodology of fixation is by the utilization of countersunk screws. The rails are provided undrilled as normal with fixing holes provided solely upon specific request.

Each carrier has 2 trained and a broach threads permitting fixing to the slippery carrier. The diameter and position of fixing holes cannot be changed on the carrier. All the information required to put in the Chambrelan slides is out there in their catalog and on their website.

Know about the Chambrelan cold drawn steel linear rails

The linear rail is created from a chilly drawn steel profile some tiny dimension rails are out there in aluminum.

This producing method causes a piece hardening of the fabric. This will increase the wear and tear-resistant qualities of their steel sections. Chambrelan slides are designed to perform with minimum maintenance. All the linear slide are greased in a house with grease for an optimum period.

In case of aggressive conditions of use corrosive setting, intensive use. They tend to advise an everyday and systematic maintenance of the slide.