Things to Know about Different Types of Company Formation in Hong Kong

Forming a company in Hong Kong has been considered as easier than many parts of the world. Local government authority is extremely keen to get investment for this significant economic or trading zone of Asia. In the global index of ease of doing business, Hong Kong would be found among the top positions of the list. For company formation HK, few basic things are required to be known. These basic things are discussed in the following section of this article.

Tips for Incorporating Hong Kong Limited Company

For incorporation Hong Kong limited company, business owners can keep the following things in mind.

  • The name of the company should end with private limited.
  • A registered office is required for company formation. The address of the office should be correct and physically existing.
  • A company or resident is required as secretary for incorporation process of the private limited company in Hong Kong. Generally, company registration services work as company secretary of their clients.
  • There is no defined limit for the share capital for company formation in Hong Kong.
  • A company or organization as well as individual can be the first shareholder of the business.

Types of Companies in Hong Kong

Though a private limited company is mostly popular option, different other kinds of companies can be formed at this place. Well, limited companies can be divided into two distinctive types. The first type is known as limited by shares and other type is known as limited by guarantee. Apart from limited businesses, there could be unlimited businesses where owners have unlimited liabilities for the debts. A foreign company can have its branch in Hong Kong and different provisions as well as regulations are there. For company formation, it is important to find professional company secretarial services HK. Generally, company formation services work as the secretarial service providers.