How to make thick eyebrows – some natural methods!

Women always strive hard to get the glamorous look on their face. They use makeup and various beauty treatments to have the desired glow on their face. But, there is one thing that is most important in your facial feature that can make or ruin your face. That is your eyebrows.Having thick and beautiful eyebrows can bring you the desired look that you want. For a long time women rushed after thin eyebrows thinking that it would give the face a sharper appearance. However, trends have changed and this is the era of thick and voluminous eyebrows. If you are still drawing up your eyebrows with pencils, it is time that you tried some natural ways to grow your eyebrow. Visit for ideas.

Castor oil:

This miraculous oil is something that you can always try to make your eyebrows thick. It is useful not just for the eyebrows, but also for your hair. For making the eyebrows thick, you need to apply a few drops of castor oil on your eyebrows. You need to massage it for 2 to 3 minutes in a circular motion and leave it overnight for best results. This should be repeated for a month and results will be visible.


Egg yolk:

Though this is something that not many people will like, but it really works. All that you have to do is beat an egg yolk to a thick consistency and apply it on the eyebrows. This will thicken the eyebrows to a great extent within a month. After application, you need to keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it off. The process must be repeated at least twice a week.

Curry leaves:

This is something that not many people know about. You need to crush some curry leaves and soak them into warm water for a few hours. This soaked water needs to be applied on the eyebrows. If you continue this for about 3 to 4 times a week, it will help you in the growth of thick eyebrows after a few days.

There are several other natural remedies that you can try at home. In case none of these works, you need to use the various serums and natural oil combinations that are available in the market. For that you need to know the proper measurement or proportion. The right recipe and the proper measurement will help you have the desired eyebrows you want.