Getting Your Teeth Pulled; Tips For After Care

A visit to the dentist is never an easy choice to make. After weeks (or months) of procrastinating and trying to put it off, you will need to go and take care of that tooth that is not even letting you sleep properly. Sometimes the reason for getting your teeth fixed can be because of an infection or something worse, or it could be due to wanting your appearance to be nicer. But whatever the reason is, dentists highly recommend keeping your teeth properly cared for after the harrowing experience that it goes through (along with your pain limitations). So here are some of the basics in keeping your mouth hygienic and also healing properly.

Taking care of the pain

Usually dentists will prescribe you painkillers for a few hours or days, depending on the type of surgery you have undergone (and most of these dental implants India cost tend to be on the high end). So the basic thing to keep in mind is to take these prescribed medications as given to you. Do not try to take more than necessary as you will end up addicted, and your immune system will crash after excess dosing.

Another trick is to keep a cold pack or some ice right where the tooth was pulled off by the dentist (dental implants India cost never counts the price of pain you go through). This will take care of the skin inflammation and cut down the pain.


Eating and daily habits

Smoking, working out and eating sugary food is strictly prohibited. Smoking will end up causing your teeth to get infected with bacteria; working out will make you bleed out even more; and sugary food is just asking bacteria to come and get into your blood vessels. Avoid doing any strenuous activities.

It is highly recommended not to eat any solid food as the tiny pieces of solid food tend to get stuck between teeth. Consume soft foods and drinks like soups (no chunks of anything in the soup), gelatin, pudding, thoroughly blended smoothies and such.

Try not to suck your teeth, poke your tongue in the operated area, or take out the gauze pad. Try to get as much rest as possible since your body will heal up quicker this way. If you end up getting stitches, wait till they dissolve naturally and do not try to get rid of them by other means. Wash your mouth with salt water that is slightly warm a couple of times a day. Also brushing your teeth should be done as normal but avoiding the operated areas.