Cracks and damages on the drywall are very annoying to most homeowners. It is not easy to fix large punctures, cracks, holes, and other drywall damages. Ceiling drywall cracks and punctures are even more difficult to fix. Here are some tips to help you speed up drywall repair Casper and achieve a flawless wall. These will also help you avoid unnecessary problems.

Crack-repair spray

It is normal to see stress cracks around window and door openings. These are the result of framing movement. It is difficult to give stress cracks a permanent fix. Spray-on crack repair can extend the life of your repair. A flexible membrane over the crack can stretch and relax as the building moves. Fill the crack with the patching compound if it is open. Then proceed with the instructions on the can. You can finish the repair by painting over it. Crack-repair sprays are available at hardware stores, paint stores, and online shops.

Self-priming filler

There are patches made with traditional patching materials. These need priming with a sealing-type primer before painting. The patched areas could show through the finished paint job as foggy spots without it. You can avoid this extra step if you patch with a self-priming patching material. There are several brands you could choose from.

Setting compound for big holes

Screw holes and other small wall dings are often filled with patching compound. But larger drywall repairs and deeper holes need a joint compound. This sets up by a chemical reaction. These are available in powder form. Setting times range from five to ninety minutes. The reaction starts when you mix in the water. The compound hardens in the specified time. You can buy the five-minute powder in a 5-lb box which is very convenient. The compound hardens fast which makes you able to apply another coat right away. These compounds are harder to sand. Make sure you strike them off flush to the surface when you fill the hole. You can buy these compounds where drywall taping supplies are.

Stick-on patches for midsize holes

There are various methods of patching doorknob-size holes. The quickest and easiest one is using stick-on mesh patches. These are available in different sizes. You can buy these at paint stores, hardware stores, and home centers. Make sure to clean the wall surface and sand it first. Stick the patch over the hole. Then you can cover it with a couple of thin layers or more of joint compound. A setting-type compound as the first coating will speed up the process.

Spray on wall texture

You can hide defects and add interest on walls or ceiling by using orange peel texture. But making a big patch is somewhat daunting. Good thing is that the spray-on orange peel patch is available in the market. You can match the texture of the patch without the need of hiring a professional to do the job. There are different versions of the patching material. Regular, quick-drying, and pro. The pro version, of course, gives you the most control over the spray pattern.