What You Should Consider In Buying A Property For Customization

Customization, a word used when you’re trying to do something, altering or make something that is uniquely your own. People Love to customize for the reason that it out’s the “you” in anything that you customize. It makes the things that you customize unique and great. With homes, this is the same. When people buy a house or a property, aside from the common question if it’s going to be used for business or for personal, there is also the common question of either purchasing a lot or not?

There is much consideration in either just buying a lot or a house and lot, while there are pros and cons on each choice, these will all boil down on a number of considerations which will be discussed below. It’s kind of hard to see which would be perfect for you since there are a lot of things that need to be considered, but in order to help you decide below, you can find the pros and cons of buying either a lot and a house and lot.

Buying a lot: A lot if just a bare land, if you purchase one then you have to make sure that your ready with the paperwork’s that you need to process in order to put up your house. Keep in mind that this isn’t a common purchase for most people and usually people that do purchases a lot (only), they know what to do. Aside from that, below you can find the pros and cons of buying a lot:


  • You can make your dream house from the ground up
  • The possibilities are endless
  • You can control everything:
  • From the materials used
  • From the spacing of each room
  • From the color and type of paint
  • From the people that will work on the design
  • From the time frame on when to finish the house


  • You have to be the one that will choose an architect, the engineer, and the workers
  • You have to be the one that will buy the materials
  • A budget can be stretched due to some unforeseen costs

Takeaway: Buying a lot of great in a sense that you have more control over everything, but this can also mean problems and if you don’t have a clear idea what your dream house will be, this won’t work well for you. So it’s important to have a clear idea before choosing this option.

Buying a house and lot: Buying a house and lot is the most common for most people since everything is designed and it already has appliances in it. Fully furnished to say the least and while there are paperwork’s still, that fact of the matter is that, it’s a bit easy since there are various services that help you buy this type of property hassle free. You just need to sign some papers and you move in. That easy, and while it offers a complete package, the things that you can do to customize it is only limited. Below you can find the pros and cons of buying a house and lot:


  • The house is already furnished
  • The partitions are already set
  • The design is already there
  • Less paperwork
  • You can move in just a short period of time


  • You don’t have full control over everything
  • Your ideas for home improvement might not be possible
  • Home improvement is all about working with the current design of the house

Takeaway: A house and lot is a common purchase for most people since its convenience is unparalleled and everything is already laid out for you, but if you plan to make some customizations, you will be disappointed to know that it won’t be applicable most of the time.

If you buy a house there are two types to choose from, the lot only and the house and lot. Both have various pros and cons. If you are interested in doing home improvements in the near future, whatever you opt for and you’re doing home customizations, there is a reliable name for the job and its Jonathon Casada Custom Homes. Visit their website for more details.