What is trimming?

Professional grooming of dogs and cats will help keep the coat healthy and the house free of hair and dirt for a long time. Thus, this procedure is very important both in terms of the beauty and hygiene of the animal. And the fact that professional shampoos and conditioners are designed in such a way as to enable the owner to comb and treat the animal more rarely than after ordinary shampoos, makes the Pet grooming mobile Pembroke Pines procedure even more important and necessary for the pet owner himself. The pet grooming Pembroke Pines are many and one can avail of good services.

Trimming is a hair thinning procedure, the mechanical removal of dead hairs in wirehaired dogs. Pet grooming mobile Pembroke Pines Dog trimming allows you to keep the coat bright and shiny, maintain the correct hair structure and neat appearance of the pet, and stimulate the growth of new hair.

In the absence of care for hard hair, a shell of dead forms on the dog’s body, under which pathogenic microflora, infections and parasites actively develop. In addition to the sloppy appearance of the dog, a new one begins to grow under the shell of dead hair – thin, rare, without a beautiful sheen. Trimming comes to the rescue.

The hair of wirehaired dogs has a maturation cycle of four to seven months. By the end of the cycle, the hair becomes thinner, loses elasticity, and begins to break up into separate strands. The sloppy appearance of the pet means that the dog needs to be trimmed.

  • Schnauzers are trimmed for 4 months from two to four times a year. Larger breeds from 6-7 months.
  • Trimming is best done in spring or autumn.
  • Before the show, trimming starts 6-8 weeks before the event and is plucked once a week to maintain the quality of the coat. After the show, complete trimming is carried out.
  • The first trimming is carried out in several stages due to the discomfort of the puppy, but over time, the dogs get used to it and accept the procedure with pleasure.

Trimming types

  • With light trimming, the outer hair is not thinned, only the upper part of the dead hair is captured, and the remaining hair is trimmed with a machine. It is held every two to three months, preferably in the cold season.
  • Full trimming is distinguished by the complete removal of dead hair, the undercoat is left or removed. The first full trimming of puppies is carried out at 6-8 months to form beautiful and high-quality hair.
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