Types of Graphics Software You Should Know

There are dozens of graphics software products on the market. They tend to fall into the categories defined by the tasks for which they are scheduled. The main categories of software are page design, image editing, illustration, web design, presentation, and web animation. This blog provides an overview of the vector software programs used in each category.

Image Edition

Image editing software can be used to edit photos and illustrations, as well as create graphics. Many illustration professionals use this type of software to add color to their illustrations. Adobe Photoshop is the standard program across the spectrum of professional design disciplines. Corel Draw Graphics Suite is also used for image editing. Corel offers Paint Shop Pro as an entry-level editing program at an attractive price.


Illustration software can be used to create illustrations, storyboards, and graphics, including special and unique typeface. These programs create images based on vector graphics. Vector softwarehave the advantage over pixel graphics in that they can be rescaled to a larger size without loss of resolution while maintaining image quality. The main illustration program is Adobe Illustrator. However, Corel Draw Graphics Suite has a loyal following of professional designers and illustrators. This unique product offers a vector-based illustration capability along with page and image editing layout features. Open Office offers a free download of a suite of programs, including Open Office Draw.

Web Design

Web design software is used to create web pages. Although web design software creates and edits HTML code for web pages, most web design software programs allow the user to work with the typography, images, and other files while automatically generating the code. Microsoft offers the Expression Web program at a very attractive price and the most expensive Expression Studio, aimed at web professionals. Adobe offers Dreamweaver, the industry-standard program for web design.

Final Words

Most of the graphics software described in this post is available as a free download and can be freely downloaded and used for 30 days. These programs typically come with lessons and sample files and tutorials included with the software, making it possible to learn how to use the program before purchasing. This can be a valuable option when considering purchasing expensive software.