Trauma Informed treatment requires both organizational and clinical strategies. It is important to have the staff informed on all aspects pertaining to the patient and his treatment. Sage Recovery Villa ensures members of staff provide the best informed treatment for trauma patients.

Organizational informed treatment

  • Weappreciate the importance of staff understanding trauma patients and relate with them effectively. Therefore, staff is continuously trained on how to handle trauma patients. Briefing of staff on every patient is also important as each patient’s needs are unique and should be handled as such.
  • Patients, especially those of substance use, need special diet to begin their physical recovery. The chef is made aware of these needs and provides the right meals based on the patients need.
  • Patients are also involved in the organizational treatment plan so they can feel they are involved in their treatment schedule and have a better understanding of what the staff is doing.
  • We understand that sometimes staff get emotionally affected during the provision of treatment and care of trauma patients. We ensure our staff do not get traumatic stress in the process of provision of treatment.
  • We also ensure we hire trauma informed staff who will undergo continuous training since treatment methods keep changing.

Clinical Informed treatment

  • Screening of trauma patients is something we ensures all patients go through to understand the level of trauma.
  • Patients are involved in the treatment process so they can positively assist the staff in aiding their recovery. It is important for the patient to understand why they are going through it and the expected outcome of the said treatment.
  • We work in partnership with referral sources and organizational partners such as rehab centres if the client needs a change in environment to aid their recovery.

Trauma informed treatment is very important if we are to understand the level of trauma experienced by the patient. If treatment is to have a lasting and positive impact, ensures the patient gets the best in terms of environment as well as treatment model used. Clinical and non-clinical staff offer the best informed treatment for trauma patients.