electrical supplies


Electrical equipment is one of the must have things in every household. These are necessary things that everyone needs in day to day life. We are surrounded by electrical things all around us, and therefore, electrical equipment is a necessary substance required to take care of other technical and electrical systems.

If you’re a resident in England and you’re looking for an electrical equipment store, the T.N Robinson’s Ltd is the best electrical equipment store in north of England and Wales. They are a supplier of affordable and wholesale electrical products. The store has been operating for over 95 years now, so their experience alone says a lot about them.

THE COMPANY: The company was established in 1923, and up to this date has been owned and operated by the same family. For four generations the company has maintained its name and status and has provided quality service to all its customers all through out these years.

They provide a board of choices for quality electrical products and they also have huge knowledge about all the products they sell. This helps them to give their customers the very best of advice as what would and would not work for them. They are also awarded with the membership of ANEW, which is the biggest purchasing consortium for electrical machines and equipment in all of Europe. They also have the power to  buy to give their customers the very best products and prices in the market.

electrical suppliesFurthermore, the company has an all over of twelve branches all across the country. The branches are in several places like Anglese, Brighouse, Chester, Crewe, Rhyl, Rochdale, and Warrington. They also have a warehouse which is 44,000 square feet in length. The warehouse has a stored collection of products totaling to one million pounds also encompassing over fifty thousand individually varied lines of product.  The central warehouse also provides regular stock replenishment to the branch and also picks up packs and dispatches the products to the customers in two-day deliveries.

THE PRODUCTS:the company has a number of products under their hands. They have a total of 25000 individual stock lines from a thousand big brands. They know that the customers need the latest and the best products under their wing and they have successfully provided them with those up till this date. Their product lines are also updated regularly, and to get any more information you can check out their catalogue. The have the best electrical supplies in the UK.