Beaver Creek is well known for being one of the best ski and hike resorts in the Colorado region, America. This is a mountain village where it offers a number of events throughout the year that will provide exotic feelings and recreation. Irrespective of seasons the people can visit the village to enjoy themselves well and to get recreation. Since plenty of events existed that visitors can participate in all by staying out there for at least one or two days. The mountain village offers staying facilities through the number of best and most exotic beaver creek colorado hotels. In this article let us see some of the events of beaver creek.

Thursday Night Move and Groove:This event will be hosted on Thursday night from June to august of every year. This event engaged with dance as well as live music. The event is perfectly suitable for couples since the music and dance program are included. In this, the couple may get a lesson on how to dance in line with the music. Throughout the summer the visitor will enjoy this event.

Dinosaur Adventures: It is the event that is associated with science education where the students can get knowledge on the existence of the ancient dinosaurs by roaming around the surroundings of beaver creek. Usually, this event is conducted on three days in the week such as Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday during summer. This is one of the perfect events that will be more suitable for energetic students.

Silent Disco: It is one of the most exciting and interesting events in beaver creek where a group of people joined together and will dance by listening to the music using their ears or headphone. It is a kind of weird fun where the one looks from the outside it seems like dancing silently but the people step up for their own beats.