cloud erp solutions

Some Main key criteria that you should consider when choosing an ERP

ERP solutions are critical systems in the operations of the company or organization. They support the core business processes of the organization’s core business and store valuable information that will be a key input for the management team when making important decisions.

Like any software, ERP systems have a limited life and, on average, every 7 to 10 years, the system will need to be replaced. However, the implementation of a new ERP solution is a complex process that will require an initial investment, the help of an external expert and several months to complete the system configuration and customization according to the particular business requirements. Also, the new ERP software will also have a great impact on the organization, as users must learn how to use it to be productive in the shortest possible time.

Know the functional requirements.

The first analysis cloud erp solutions that we must perform is the cross between functional requirements and system capabilities. In this phase of the analysis, it is important to distinguish between what the system should have and what would be good to have, establishing the priorities of our system in a coherent way to this division. Possible implementations of additional modules will be discarded at this time and only the functional requirements for the initial phase of the project should be considered. The advanced needs and the implementation of extra modules will be postponed for later phases of the project.

cloud erp solutions

Platform flexibility and scalability.

Although we should have a clear list of the functional requirements that must be addressed during implementation, the reality is that some of the needs of the current organization will probably not be fully covered with the standard features of the system or that new needs will appear in the future. contemplated in the initial phase. We have to be sure that it will be possible to deal with them. The flexibility and scalability of the software will eliminate possible limitations in the present and future.