braun perfusor space

Setting Standard For Medical Safety And Simplification With Braun Perfusor Space

Medical Services is the need for everyone. People need them not for getting better with illness but also for ensuring their wellness. With the new advancements in the medical field, there are modern equipment getting discovered. The medical equipment braun perfusor space is an infusion system with the qualities of being efficient, light, safe and easy. The system is made modular so as to match up the concepts of safety.

It is embedded with the following qualities:

  • Simplified, easy in use and compact weighted
  • Supports tailor-made responses
  • Promote the safety of patients at the clinical interface
  • Standardized device operation

How is the performance?

The great part about the system is that it can be efficiently incorporated in the communications network of the medical operation.

  • It calculates the rate over the volume with time.
  • It also delivers the automatic delivery rate calculation based on the drug entry concentration and desired dose.

What is the operator interface required?

The following operator interface is required by the system:

  • For the infusion pumps, it is required to have a standardized and real user interface.
  • While doing the adjustments the user is supposed to look at the display. This is due to the menu performanceand arrow keys in the system.

What is the drug library?

braun perfusor space is accurate with the following drug library:

  • There are approximate 1500 drug named and the therapy data along with their information that can be listed in 30 categories.
  • It can store 50 care units with the capacity to store 15 patient profiles.
  • The hard and soft value limit of the drug can be specified along with their default values.

braun perfusor spaceWhat are the safety concepts?

The following are the security concepts associated with the system:

  • The free drug flow at the time of syringe change is stopped by the attached piston brakes.
  • The system has automatic drive technology to ensure a convenient startup during the syringe change.
  • The bolus reduction is triggered automatically by the chocking alarm.
  • There are three safety levels on the data lockable by parameters and disposables.
  • There is an LED alarm present with an alarm message on the display area.

The modern infusion system is built well enough for building the blocks of the space system. The single system is enough for the whole clinical approach for all the applications. The system thereby sets a standard for the medical processes with the assurance of the safety of patients.