Rewriting an article is not as easy as you think

Writing is not an easy job; it is not possible to write an essay by everybody. People who are skilled enough can write a perfect essay. Writer is the one who can present an essay in a proper flow from the starting to ending. If you are in the place to rewrite an article then the below tips will helps you to write effectively.

Try to be grammatically correct:

Once you have decided to rewrite an article try to be grammatically correct. Grammar is not limited with the use of verbs and pronouns but also includes the proper use of punctuations, uses of phrases and the spelling.

Do proper research:

Rewriting the given set of original article is not the thing you have to do, it is necessary to do some extra research and know gather information related to the topic which you are rewriting. Writers must be aware of what they write, it is better to collect information from at least three to five different resources.

Use your creativity:   

Writing is an art and it cannot be possible by all people. Once you have planned to rewrite an article don’t just rewrite the matter in the original document. Try to be creative and innovative and make the article more interesting for the readers. Even though you have a freedom to write everything, finally you have to provide the same message as the original article, which means you are not supposed to wrote any extra information which are not needed.

Be simple and understandable:

One of the main reason to rewrite the article is the original article may be difficult to read and understand. Hence by rewriting it with the simple language it would be easy for the readers to understand it easily.

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