Never miss game day again

Never miss game day again

If you are a big football fan, whatever the teams you are rooting for are, you will surely love an app that can provide you all the latest news in the football world, right? You can always read fußball news from the internet, but would you like it better if it’s on real time? What a time to be alive for the football fans because there’s an app now that can give you all that you need to know!

Live Fußball Bundesliga App is out now and can be downloaded at the Google play store. This is a big advantage for those fans that don’t have access to any updates during the game and want real time updates as well. With this app, you can now have updates anywhere, anytime.

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Feel real time suspense with live updates

Who doesn’t want to get live updates? Not you obviously, since you are here, wanting to know more about the app. You now never need to miss any precious game and wait for your friends to spoil the suspense by posting statuses about the game on their social media accounts (which can become pretty annoying at times). Even though you may not see the game live, as it happens, you get to at least be updated with everything that’s going on in the actual game. From scores to penalties, it keeps you updated with just about everything.

No pay per view for you

What’s better than an app that offers live updates of your favourite teams during game day? An app that offers FREE live updates of your favourite teams during game day. Not only that, the app also provides you with daily updates about various players and clubs so you would be updated with just about everything there is to be updated about concerning your favourite club.

Take your fandom to a whole new level

When you download this app, you will receive news from your selected or favourite clubs via push notification on your smartphone. That way, you are just as updated as everybody in the club. Alright!

Exclusive videos for you to watch and replay over and over and over again

You get to watch videos of all the highlights of the matches you subscribe to as well as the winning goal of the day. you never want to miss the opportunity to see the winning goal as well as all the great plays that have been made. You can also get to watch the interviews with the players as well as a lot of behind the scene footages. What’s there not to like about this app?

If you’re a real football fan through and through, you wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity to get the latest details about the club you’re rooting for. Downloading this app gives you access to almost everything you need to be updated about with regards to your club of choice.