covid 19 testing swab at home

How You Can Get Tested for COVID-19 At Home?

When you have any symptoms related to covid, the first thing you need to do is self-quarantine and you need to take the COVID-19 testing to prevent the spread of the dangerous virus. If you are in need to test but you cannot do so through a healthcare provider, you can make use of a home test or covid 19 testing swab at home.

The self-test kits are available in a retail store or pharmacy with or without a prescription. While buying, check for the expiration and don’t get the one that is expired, discolored, or damaged. Once you buy them, store the components in a right place and don’t open them until you are ready to use them.

Before you use the kits, read the entire set of instructions provided by the manufacturers. If you still have more queries on the test result or test procedures, then you can speak with your doctor.

While you are performing the test, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Clean the table, countertop, table, and another surface where the test will be performed
  • Always clean the hands well with soap.
  • To gather your own saliva or nasal specimen, you need to open the kit and must follow all the guidelines given. If you are not following the direction in collecting the samples, then it may lead to inaccurate results.
  • It is important to record the results in the specified time.

Once you collect them, you can send them to perform the self-test or send them to the testing facility. After you complete the test, you should not reuse the kit or its associated components and discard everything in a dustbin. You need to disinfect all the places which you touched and clean the hands thoroughly.

If you get a positive result, get the doctor’s advice and as per suggestion, do a self-isolation or get admitted to the medical center immediately. It is important to inform your close contacts who are in close connection with you before 2 days to take the self-test and to reduce the risk.