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Hacked Facebook Account? How to Protect Your FB Pages Now!

Hackers are hi-jacking Facebook pages for past some weeks. Whereas previously only big fan pages (one with thousands and more fans) are hacked, the smaller sized Facebook pages are being hacked alongside the larger pages.

We have found out and educated many Facebook page owners about their Facebook hack and how they will get the fan pages back when they are hacked, but intent behind this article is showing you a way to defend the Facebook account from the hackers irrespective of whether you got the small or big page. Here mentioned are some simple steps you can take to get a hold of your Facebook hacker with the complete information of his location:

First sign in to your FB account and click at ‘Account’ appearing on right most side of your page. Then click on the ‘Account Settings’ from drop down list. At times, settings will appear different from a way that it is referred above. The setting might not look same to what you have seen during the last visit to your page. In such case follow below mentioned steps:

hack facebook

  • First go to ‘My Account’ page
  • Scroll down at ‘Account Security’
  • Then click on ‘Change’ link appearing on the list.

This can allow you to see whole list of the mobile devices and computers that are been used to sign in to your Facebook account.  Information has the time and location when log-in was made or attempted. But it doesn’t show IP address but shows geographic locations of the computers used for logging on to your account. The information will be provided on basis of IP address of those computers. Thus, in this way one can know if somebody besides you have logged onto your FB account. Moreover, Facebook private and security settings enable you to add other layer of the security to your FB account.