THC Gummies

Different Between the Delta 8 & Delta 9 THC Products

Delta 8 & delta 9 THC products are from cannabis; they only have a bit different molecular structures. The subtle variation causes some major differences between both the products, but in this article, we will check why you must consider using delta 8 gummies.


Whereas delta 8 produces similar kind of high of delta 9, but delta 9 is twice potent. It means you generally have to take double dose of the delta 8 gummies to experience same effects.


Another thing is tolerance that is a process that happens in the body when you regularly use any substance. With time, you will feel less pronounced effects. Bad news is delta 8 THC products have the higher rate of tolerance than the delta 9, and this tolerance will be built in four weeks. But, the best part is you may reverse the tolerance much faster. Taking the break for one week will return you to the previous tolerance.

Know the Side Effects

The delta 9 is known to create effects like higher anxiety, rapid heart rate and paranoia. But, using delta 8 significantly reduces risk of experiencing such side effects whereas producing same levels of positive effects that the cannabis products will provide.

Delta 8 Gummies Are Legal

The gummies, edibles, candies and various other cannabis products that are made with the delta 8 are federally legal. Such products are actually derived from hemp & are compliant; it means they have below 0.3% D9 THC.