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Dental Prostheses – Get Complete Details Here

Dental prosthesis is one type of intraoral process that will reconstruct any intraoral problems like missing teeth or other parts of your teeth, missing soft and hard structures of your jaw or palate). Prosthodontics is a dental specialty who has done their specialization in the dental prostheses.

Some of the dental tools are dental implants, bridges, crowns, veneers, and dentures and some are detachable or fixed permanently in your mouth. Suppose you think that you can get several benefits from the prosthesis, then your prótesis dental barcelona will discuss the productive treatment for the dental requirements.

Kinds of Dental Prostheses in Barcelona

The wide range of the dental prostheses will appear quite overwhelming, but it’s simple to differentiate these devices when you learn what it does. You can check out four kinds of the prostheses:

  • Dental implants- They are generally implanted in your jaw bone like root of the tooth and will replace one, many or whole teeth rows.
  • Crowns – They cover just one damaged tooth or create part of the bridge, where crowns are placed at every side of false teeth.
  • Dentures – They are partial as well as replace some false teeth or replace rows of the false teeth.
  • Veneers – they are the thin shells that will cover chipped or discolored teeth and improve your appearance.

prótesis dental barcelona

What does the dental prosthetist do?

The dental prosthetists are trained as the dental technicians however they have done more training hence they work as the independent contractor. The dental prosthetists generally provide diagnostic and fabrication services that will create & repair dentures or make mouth guards.

Thinking what does the dental prosthetist do? Besides the given duties, the dental prosthetist will perform the given tasks:

  • Managing the laboratory & dental technicians.
  • Assessment, provision and treatment of the removable dentures & dental appliances.
  • Forming mouthguards from the dental impressions.
  • Constructing & repairing full or partial dentures.

A dental prosthetist will help the patients to feel confident just by replacing their missing teeth and by making damaged or discolored teeth look very attractive. Suppose you think that prosthesis will be a perfect solution to the dental problem, then you need to make the appointment with the dentist and prosthodontist to discuss various options to improve your smile.

What is the Right Dental Prosthesis For You?

Before recommending any dental treatment, your dentist and prosthodontist may take in account your overall oral health, which includes missing teeth, condition of your remaining teeth as well as thickness of your jawbone and more.