bong prior to inhaling

Clean bong effectively – this is how it works

Smoking a bong is relaxing and great fun when enjoyed in company. But as nice as smoking with the bong is – it gets dirty very quickly and therefore needs regular cleaning. No matter what material the bong is made of, the problem remains. How do you clean a soft bong? Read further to get some great tips.

After you have all the utensils together, it’s time to disassemble the bong. No matter what material the bong is made of, great care must be taken when disassembling. Try to dismantle each piece so that it can be cleaned individually. You can put the small parts in a bowl so that nothing gets lost. Then you rinse the bong with hot water. The water should be so warm that you can just hold the bong in your hands. There are several options for the actual cleaning process.

To optimally clean the small parts, it is advisable to fill the bowl with hot water. Heat kills germs and bacteria, which is essential when cleaning a bong. The mouthpiece should be cleaned particularly thoroughly. If you only do superficial cleaning, this can lead to allergies and rashes the next time you use it. After you’ve filled the bowl with hot water, it’s a good idea to add a denture cleanser. This has the property of thoroughly removing bacteria and germs. Let the small parts soak well in the bowl. During this time you can start cleaning the bong.