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If you are looking for an effective Bilingual Chinese tutor who is familiar with the Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus then Jocelyn and her team are best.

What services do Chinese tuition tutors offer?

Ms Jocelyn Tan who is the principal tutor .Through her experience as a teacher she got to understand and analyse difficulties faced by students and thus designed her pedagogy to assist them enhance their learning potential. She has made the learning of Chinese more effective and engaging. Her team comprises    Mr Jareth Liew who firmly believes in making his lessons more relatable and relevant to students, also in the team are Shawn and Tricia who are guest writers.

The tutors are familiar with the learning environment of Singapore. Thus the tutors fully understand the struggles of learning the Chinese Language. Singapore being a multicultural society, it is considered to be an English speaking society where they hardly converse in Chinese language in their daily lives. This circumstance naturally makes it difficult for many students to grasp Chinese language. Hence, the need to find a chinese tuition teacher singapore who will not only share useful tips that will help learners pass exams but also charge reasonable rates.

Jocelyn and her team are constantly developing resources so as to help learners prepare for their National Examination. The tutors who are driven with passion for the Chinese language enable you as a learner to hone your potential through engaging discussions and practises. Jocelyn ensures her team is familiar with the latest syllabus so that the Chinese tuition classes are effective in solidifying the learner’s knowledge.

For those taking 0 Level Chinese, Higher Chinese and A level Chinese H1 examinations join Jocelyn Chinese Tuition, you shall be guided by an experienced Chinese tuition teacher Singapore. The exam oriented lessons develop writing, speaking, reading and listening skills.