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platelet rich plasma treatment
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When it comes to hair restoration treatments, there are many options available today. One among them is PRP hair loss treatment. PRP is nothing but platelet rich plasma treatment. PRP is one of the latest technological innovations in the field of the hair restoration industry. Through PRP, it is possible to enhance the natural healing capacity of the body.

platelet rich plasma treatmentHow does it work?

PRP can be understood as one of the parts of your blood. This comes with a higher concentration of the growth factors in it. This part plays a significant role when it comes to the generation of hair along with improving the strength as well as the destiny of the existing hair.

When you sign up for the PRP hair restoration treatment, you need to provide a small blood sample. Later they will separate it in a centrifuge to extract platelets from that blood sample. Then these extracted platelets will be injected into the area where treatment is required. In that area, enzymes are released, which helps in the promotion of tissue healing along with hair follicle. PRP is said to be highly safe clinical procedure, and it is ideal for both women and men who are seeking hair restoration treatments.

Usually, this PRP hair treatment takes an hour. It is assumed that the results of these PRP hair restoration treatments can be seen in just 90 days. For complete results, the individual who undergoes this treatment should wait until a year. PRP treatment is highly recommended, and it is guaranteed to give better results. But based on the initial results, experts may also recommend additional services if necessary. The additional treatments will also depend on the severity of hair loss. Sometimes other treatments are also recommended in the case to boost the results or to maintain the achieved results.

To understand this, blood is made of white blood cells, red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Plasma can be recognised as fluid part in the blood, which is necessary to suspend as well as carry blood cells along with nutrients for the entire body. Platelets are nothing but tiny cells present in the blood, which usually rush to the site of injury. They always take care of any damage repair in the body. PRP is processed blood plasma. PRP is the concentration which is taken from the patient’s blood and injected to the scalp, which helps in promoting hair growth.

PRP comes with a lot of benefits, and some of them are, it takes very less recovery time, minimal side effects, right after the procedure patient can involve in the daily course, very less procedure and it just involves injections, and treatment only completes in less than 90 minutes.

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