To safeguard your car from the outside affect

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  Now a day’s most of them use their own cars for their daily purposes. If you have car means you have go anywhere and anytime and also carrying the things is also is an easy one. At the time same time the time also save. But among his the owners of the car could be save the car from the outside damages things like sunlight, air and also form the rain of the rainy season. To save your car we can use the car cover. There is variety of covers in this. According to your cars size and the model types it will be there. There is specific type for your models and also there should common models also. The common thing cannot fit for you some times. It will be give some place exact fit. If it is not tight in some places then by the air circulation it could be damaged. So buying correct fitted cover is the best choice for all.


Basic types:

            There are three basic types of car cover are there. The first one is the water proof covers. It is made up of plastic film or plastic coated fabric and it will keep your car form the rainwater and also it will be the condensation between your car and the cover. The plastic type of car is to protect in the garage side and also you have to use the cotton cloth and then only you have to use this. It is mainly used in the winter season only. It is only protect the outer field side. There are another type in this model that is the Omni bag model. It will   handle where ever you go have this with you.

 The second type is the water resistant model or it is also known as breathable model, these covers are repeal most of the water yet allows to circulate the air and then preventing condensation. Mostly it have ultraviolet screen condensation, the lightest weight cover is made from Tyvek now. The weight of the cover is only 3 pounds. According to the weight it is very easy to handle. These covers are multilevel progress.

The third is the major one 100% of cotton material which is available in the flannel style. But these will scratch the paint. These are not water proof and also it could not be used for long period. So buy these types of cover and then be safeguard your vehicle.

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