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There are several platforms like Fortnite tracker which help in providing complete details and statistics about your favorite game. These platforms help in displaying the statistics required to understand where actually you stand in your game through their leaderboards. Every week you can see the updated rankings in these leaderboards. The player should understand one thing that they should be playing on regular basis to maintain their stats. For more details, you can check fps tracker.

Leaderboards in these platforms help in placing the stats for single platforms and they cannot give the stats for many platforms. This is the reason you can see yourself in any one leaderboards but not in all. For example, in case of Fortnite, there are two main leaderboards. One is friends’ leaderboard and the other is division leaderboard.

What is wins leaderboard?

These are the leaderboards that are little difficult to understand. For example in case of Fortnite, there are three different match types. All these three matches can contribute to the stats in the leaderboard. More than that there is one more division that reveals global wins and top 10 and top 25.fps tracker

In case if you look at the global ranking section, you may see that the top player present there may have 600 wins. On another side, if you look for top 10 rankings, you may find out that the player who is on the top has just twenty-five wins. This is the reason for most of the players wins leaderboard present in the stats platforms like Fortnite are always confusing.

For this, you need to understand how actually these leaderboards work. The global pool is soothing which collects the information for the entire week. Hence it displays the winnings for entire week. Whereas the other two that are top 25 and top 10 are nothing but random pools. In these pools the player is put together with the people at the beginning of current week. For example there can be 50 people at the beginning of the week. Then the leaderboard will show the statistics of these 50 people grouped together. The top 25 and the top 10 leaderboards are usually updated once every three days.

But most of the players even get confused about why they put three leaderboards in place of one. This is because even if the player is active and playing for entire week flawlessly and win each and every game, he may not end up getting displayed in the global leaderboard. This is the reason they have made top 25 and top 10 for displaying small pool of people.

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