How to Take Care and Maintain the Food Pan

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It is important to follow a regular cleaning routine for your pan to make sure you protect your investment. Here are the ways to take care of your quality food pan.

How to clean the tough stains?

  1. Clean the scorches or crust

If the food pan has food crusts, soak it in water preferably soapy water overnight. In the morning drain the water, and then scrub forcefully with a scrub pad. This will remove the most accumulated food layer.
Avoid using steel wool scrubs or copper based scrubbers as they will scratch the surface of your pan.

  1. Clean the burn Marks

If your cookware has heat burns, you may clean it by using baking soda. Make sure that it is completely dry, then sprinkle a small amount baking soda onto the burned surface. Rub the baking soda around the cookware thoroughly with a sponge.
You can also make a paste by adding little amount of water to the baking soda.


  1. Clean the water spots

Remove the water spots which are actually caused by the minerals in the water. You can clean it by soaking the pan in vinegar, then normally clean it as usual with a mild detergent.

Tips to maintain the pan

  1. Follow a regular routine to clean the pan and use quality materials that prevent the spots from forming during the cooking.
  2. Clean immediately after cooking as once they dry, they form the coating. Use a soft scrub to clean the cookware.
  3. Always wipe your cookware after washing to avoid the water spots to be formed on them.
  4. Avoid the use of dishwasher not only to increase their lifespan but also the bright appearance.
  5. Pour a small amount of oil or butter or fat etc. on a cold pan before you turn on the flame, and distribute it evenly on the pan. The idea is to maintain the layer over the nonstick surface.
  6. Try to use only wooden or plastic utensils to avoid the scratches on the surface of the cookware. Don’t use a metal spoon or utensil as it will form scratches on the surface of the cookware.
  7. Maintain the nonstick surface of the cookware by not washing it with dish soap.
  8. Always try to heat the cookware on the burner with medium high heat only till it becomes hot for 1 to 2 minutes only.

Follow these methods and tips to increase the life span of your pan and hassle free cooking.

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