Extra Things To Always Keep With You 

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Some things in life you always need an extra for. Here are items that you should always have in spares at home or on the go:


You should always have additional supplies of batteries to use for remote controllers, night lamps or the computer mouse. You can never say when a battery might run out, and you can always save yourself a trip to the convenience store by having extra batteries at home. Keep an extra battery back in your bag to use if needed at work or when travelling.

USB Chargers

Get as many as you need from iPhone USB cable, because the original provided with your smartphone can quickly get worn out. The same can be said for all electronic devices. If you have a gadget that requires a USB charger, buy an extra piece of that charger to have with you in case the original stops working. Buying the same version of the charger from the company that makes the gadget can be quite expensive.


Tampons and Sanitary Napkins

Ladies—even the ones who are confident about their period cycles—you must always have extra tampons and sanitary napkins with you. You never know when Mother Nature decides to surprise you. Keep extra tampons and sanitary napkins in all your handbags and backpacks that you use often. If possible, keep some in your office drawer or locker just in case. Those tampon machines in office bathrooms never work.

Extra Laptop Charger

Even if you are keen to get that extra USB charger from iPhone cable suppliers, most forget to get extra chargers for their laptops. The battery pack that connects your laptop to the extension that you plug into a power outlet is unique to the kind of laptop you have, you can also look and buy a GPS tracker watch. And the part that connects to your laptop is prone to getting work out due to usage. These are hard to find, so order in advance from a tech company and keep it stores. If you can’t charge your laptop, then your life is truly over.

Phone Case

Cases protect our smartphones from the elements and physical damage. However, the elements and physical damage can take a toll on our smartphone cases also. Therefore, you should always have an extra phone case, especially while travelling, in case the one you are already using gets damaged or broken. If you are using an expensive phone case, get a generic, basic one as the extra.

Now, go and stock your cupboard with the extra things mentioned above. You might need them sooner rather than later.

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