composition writing

Advantages of learning English composition

There are many benefits of learning English composition because English is a common language and you can use English to become an international person. First, you could get the news faster than the others could. Second, you should understand other countries for using English. Third, you would depend on English to read the latest books or magazines in the world. Therefore, it can let you gain more and more knowledge for studying English. This is the main reason why people sed their wards in reputed schools.

composition writing

 Learning English composition

 Writing of English composition is an art that gives Feelings give life to your story characters.  Without feelings, your characters would be simple and flat. Readers will not be able to identify with them. As a result, they will not be drawn into the story. In school, many teachers look for images of characters’ approach in their students’ compositions.

 The specially designed writing curriculum of schools consists of weekly video lessons and assignments to boost students’ composition writing skills. These fun activities will help you ward to learn English skills without any hesitation.

Learning methods for children

  • The children should have to watch the video lessons.
  • You should have to Download and print out the assignments and complete the assignments.
  • Scan and save completed assignments in PDF or type assignments in MS WOR for easy learning.
  • Upload completed an assignment for submission after the work completed.
  • The Assignments will be marked and returned to you via email within 5 working days from the school.

 Reason to learn English

English is a general word because we encompass to use this every day. For instance, there are many new technologies, new computers, new machines, and so on. So we need someone who will read, speak, listen, and write English very well. In addition, many companies need good workplace employees to do international business. Consequently, if you read, write, listen, and converse very well, you will have a good occupation for getting jobs. These are the main reason why learning  English is a compulsion in this modern world.

Rewriting an article is not as easy as you think

Writing is not an easy job; it is not possible to write an essay by everybody. People who are skilled enough can write a perfect essay. Writer is the one who can present an essay in a proper flow from the starting to ending. If you are in the place to rewrite an article then the below tips will helps you to write effectively.

Try to be grammatically correct:

Once you have decided to rewrite an article try to be grammatically correct. Grammar is not limited with the use of verbs and pronouns but also includes the proper use of punctuations, uses of phrases and the spelling.

Do proper research:

Rewriting the given set of original article is not the thing you have to do, it is necessary to do some extra research and know gather information related to the topic which you are rewriting. Writers must be aware of what they write, it is better to collect information from at least three to five different resources.

Use your creativity:   

Writing is an art and it cannot be possible by all people. Once you have planned to rewrite an article don’t just rewrite the matter in the original document. Try to be creative and innovative and make the article more interesting for the readers. Even though you have a freedom to write everything, finally you have to provide the same message as the original article, which means you are not supposed to wrote any extra information which are not needed.

Be simple and understandable:

One of the main reason to rewrite the article is the original article may be difficult to read and understand. Hence by rewriting it with the simple language it would be easy for the readers to understand it easily.

Rewriting is not as easy as you think. If you are not aware of rewriting the article by yourself you can get the help of service providers. Just by visiting ​​ you can find the writer for your work. In this website you will get to know the top websites which offers the quality writing service for you.

Get recognized from the outside world as network professional

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Become the best professional

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